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​​​"Helping You Enhance Your Safety & Security  and Overall Wellness is Our Operative Focus!"

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Our Accessibility Event Consulting & Site Evaluation Services

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Allergies & Our Scent-Free Policy

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Let's set up a free, no obligation discussion about your exact needs.

RemedyBloxis proud of its commitment to implement the best accommodation practices into all of our services including equitable access and inclusion of:

  • people with visible / non-visible disabilities and special needs
  • vulnerable community groups 
  • seniors with special needs
  • individuals with dietary and enviro-restrictions,  
  • diverse sexual orientation groups, and
  • those from diverse ethno-cultural and religious backgrounds
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We are happy to provide details of our accommodation services

"Accommodation is not just the right thing to do.  it is the LAW!"

Before selecting a particular hotel or conference center for an upcoming event program we conduct a full on-site inspection to ensure the venue being considered holds accessibility design features throughout its facility and grounds. We also rely on the comprehensive accessibility check-list that identifies specific accommodation needs as identified to us by our registrants. We look for facilities where we can work closely with their facility and event management teams to incorporate accommodations into our event program including that the venue staff protocols are properly followed to deliver specific accommodations during the entire event, and that our group has unrestricted access and egress at all times. We also determine a robust emergency event plan so that in case of an emergency like fire, earthquake, etc.. our participants with special needs can be quickly assisted during an emergency evacuation. We also look for venue locations that can offer conference spaces and classroom settings with window views to help us accommodate those attendees that need to avoid feeling claustrophobic. Venue locations are also evaluated on their ability to offer flexible menu choices that can accommodate certain dietary restrictions of our participants. Basically said, if the venue location being considered for an upcoming event fails to meet our comprehensive accommodation requirements, we at RemedyBlox proceed with another venue site, one that is more appropriately equipped to satisfy our attendees' special needs and offer timely and reasonable accommodation solutions.

Graphic silhouette image of people with different disability needs. First image is a persona in a wheelchair being wheeled from the back. Next image is a person in a wheelchair facing their service dog, next image is a person reaching down to a person in a wheelchair with their service dog next to them. Then there is a woman in a wheelchair bending forward to her service dog; last picture is a person holding a seeing eye cane and holding the harness of her seeing eye dog with her other hand.
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Accessible Communication Supports

Our Accommodation Protocols

On-Site Venue Evaluation & Accessibility Consultation

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RemedyBlox' Leadership Style in Accommodation and Accessibility

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We at RemedyBloxunderstand the various accessible communication supports and alternative formats available to accommodate persons with visual, hearing, cognitive and mobility restrictions at an educational forum setting. As such, we always welcome the opportunity to discuss and work out communication supports for individuals requiring such special accommodations at our learning events and program locations. 

Examples of alternate accessible communication supports we can offer (with advance notice) to our program registrants with special needs:

  • Reading written information to a person directly

  • Large print formats

  • Text transcripts of audio or visual information

  • Handwritten notes instead of spoken word

  • Information written in plain language

  • An electronic document formatted to be accessible for use with a screen reader

  • Alternative publication formats in print and e-sources

  • Sign language interpreters for those who are deaf or hard of hearing

  • Properly placed event signage at entrance points in large print formats to provide ease of access and clear orientation at the venue 

  • Event greeters welcome and guide participants with special needs to designated program area at the venue site.

​In the event it may not be possible to convert requested program or course materials for someone with a specific disability or restriction, we issue a timely explanation as to the reasons for select document(s) being unconvertible. (For example, the technology to convert the information is not readily available, or the information may be lost in the conversion process and cannot be conveyed in a meaningful way). We offer a summary of information that is available to them to promote continued access to alternate accommodation supports.

Specialized Menu Options

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Graphic text image: Top of the image are 7 silhouettes of people next to each other appearing in different colors. Each end shows a silhouette of a person in their wheelchair.. The caption underneath reads: "EVERYBODY'S DIFFERENT" shown in green text font. Followed by the next line shown in red text font "WE CELEBRATE IT."
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Graphic image of a green eco-friendly footprint facing right.

Access & Accommodation Surveys

RemedyBlox has designed a comprehensive accommodation checklist, one that we administer to everyone that registers for our upcoming training course or event programs we are hosting. Similarly, we rely and administer the same accessibility survey to all delegates and attendees of any client that retains our event planning services for their upcoming event or training program. These accommodation surveys offer each participant with the opportunity voluntarily self-identify any special accommodation requests they may have for an upcoming event program the have registered for with us or with a business client that we are assisting to develop and manage that upcoming corporate event. This advance identification of specific event accommodation needs affords us with the needed time to plan and secure the identified accommodations with the respective service providers. We rely on each participant to help us with this important information so that we can make their attendance and participation as inclusive and fully accessible as possible at the event. The generated survey results are always kept confidential and private and at no point do we ask or want to know anyone's medical diagnosis or the details of their personal medical conditions for which accommodations are being requested. It is sufficient for any accommodation requests to be made under the generic term of disability or medical grounds. Same applies for any dietary restrictions made for religious observances where the specific religion is equally protected against any self-disclosure. We promote the protection of privacy rights of each participant by properly informing event staff on proper protocols for delivering accommodations and services to our attendees with discretion and tact.

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Graphic silhouette image in black showing people with different disabilities. First image from the left is a person in a wheelchair, next is s a man standing holding a seeing eye cane, then there is a person standing with one leg appearing to be amputated from above the knee, then there is a woman in a wheelchair and to her side is a woman holding a seeing eye dog.
Graphic symbol of the 9 international symbols for disabilities.. Symbols are featured in 9 round images of different colors for people who are blind, have mobility disabilities and hearing impairments.
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We at RemedyBlox are most cognizant of many people having various environmental sensitivities including severe allergies to latex and scents such as; perfumes, pollen & flowers, and particularly chemical deodorizer agents often sprayed at some establishments which can trigger a severe allergic reaction or exacerbate an existing medical condition for those vulnerable to such exposures. As a result, whenever we plan an upcoming event for our own customer base or assist our clients with their corporate events we ensure that the venue being considered is both in agreement and capable to offer a strict no-scent policy for our clients at our event venues. We also look to the venue to control against the use of specific materials by their staff not just on the day of our event but at least one week prior so as to minimize the direct exposure risk to identified allergens and allow for proper natural dissipation in advance of our customers arriving at the venue site. 

Some of our "Scent-Free" measures and controls against typical "Environmental Triggers" include:

  • Scent-free soaps offered at the venue's public restrooms
  • Avoid use of fresh cut floral displays given that pollen can trigger asthma attack or exacerbate some medical conditions    
  • No spraying of chemical odor-eaters or deodorizing agents anywhere at the facility prior to or during the term of our event 
  • All carpet steam cleaning or vacuuming to consist of scent-free cleaning solvents
  • No-perfumed products to be worn by the venue facility staff members out of consideration to our event program registrants
  • Venue staff to only use latex-free gloves especially when handing food, during meal preparation and during service  
  • Any decorative balloon displays at the venue location is to consist of only latex-free balloons
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Our team at RemedyBlox has the proven knowledge, established understanding and respect for people's dietary restrictions based on medical or religious grounds including personal dietary observances. Our team's vast experience having planned and hosted hundreds of various events for diverse community groups and attendees over the years with various dietary restrictions, affords us with the proven know-how to design and work out delicious menu options with participating venue chefs and their venue site's catering team. We also take pride in our ability to design meal selections with chefs where the offered alternative food choices do not just meet the identified dietary restrictions of a few but are nutritious and tasty meals able to be savored and shared by all in attendance whenever possible as this proactive approach furthers the collective inclusive experience for all during meal times. For example, if several people have identified being lactose intolerant then any meals requiring dairy we ask the chef to substitute with lactose free ingredients so that the final dishes can be consumed equally by all. Similarly if someone indicates being allergic to strawberries or kiwis then such fruits are eliminated from the entire menu and substituted with other fruits that all are able to consume. On a separate note we are very cognizant that some people might be sensitive or allergic to some condiments, spices, preservatives and nuts where we advise the chef in advance including requesting that such items not come into contact with food items being prepared in the kitchen to avoid allergen cross-contamination. We also know after 15 years of being in the planning and designing alternative menu options which food items can be easily substituted to meet the dietary restrictions and needs of our customers and the importance for proper labeling of food dishes at buffet stations to identify which dishes were prepared with special dietary needs in mind.   

Examples of Our Customized Menu Options Available Upon Advance Request:

  • Alcohol Free Cakes and Desserts
  • Dairy / Lactose Free
  • Egg Free
  • Gluten Free 
  • Kosher / Halal 
  • Low Sodium and limit on select spices and preservatives
  • MSG Free
  • Nut Free
  • Pork / Bovine Free Meats or By-products 
  • Specific fruit and vegetable avoidance (e.g., strawberries, tomatoes, green peppers, kiwi, etc..)
  • Sugar Free / Alternate Sweetener Options
  • Vegetarian / Vegan
  • Wheat Free

Ways that RemedyBlox can help make your upcoming event fully accessible and AODA compliant:

  • We design and administer accommodation surveys to your event audience;
  • We conduct a robust venue site inspection to determine level of available accommodations in place and needing to be implemented into the event plan;
  • We identify available alternate supports for outstanding accommodation requests; 
  • We fulfill accommodation support contracts with third party accessibility service providers; 
  • We carry out all correspondence and discussion with your event registrants to determine best solutions for meeting their self-identified accommodation requests;
  • We manage all event accommodation logistics pre- and during your event program;
  • We plan and coordinate all accommodation support efforts with the venue management team and all staff pre and during a given corporate event;
  • We administer a post-event accommodation evaluation survey to all in attendance to determine efficiencies and also short-comings that can be improved upon in the future; and
  • We prepare a post-event accommodation summary report for you that will serve as proving required confirmation of being compliant under respective AODA standards at your event.

RemedyBlox' founder "Remedy Max" is well versed in both the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA) and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). having worked for the Ontario Public Service for nearly a decade including aiding the Ministry with subject matter expertise on disability and access during the development and implementation of the AODA's "Customer Service" and "Information & Communication" Standards (2005 - 2011) in Ontario. In addition, the management of collaborative stakeholder partnerships with over 500 different disability and diversity association across the province, participation in regular community advisory group consultations, contributions to municipal/provincial/federal agency working committees, and delivery of accessibility driven public information workshops across the province are key components of RemedyBlox' business model. 

As a champion and advocate for accessibility and inclusion of people with special needs and diverse community groups for the past 2 decades as illustrated from the many accomplishments achieved to date - we at RemedyBlox vow to continue to build upon such inclusion and accommodation measures and best practices in all of our professional services offered to corporate business and members of the general public alike.


RemedyBlox' Founder's Milestones and Commitments:

  • Proponent and advocate of reasonable workplace accommodations planning and safe return to work best practices - designed to engage employers to create an accessible and equitable work environment for their employees with visible and non-visible disabilities including permanent workplace restrictions (Since 2014). 
  • Authored the content and design of the 1st provincial public publication titled, "The Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities and Special Needs" (May 2007).
  • Developed the 2007 Provincial Guide into 7 languages with over 27 various accessible formats (e.g., large print, audio, video with captions, cds, diskettes,  e-formats, etc.) to accommodate easy-read copies for persons with disabilities and special needs in Ontario and across Canada, as well as for persons not  versed or fluent in the English or French language.  

  • Earned the province of Ontario the prestigious National Canadian Red Cross Humanitarian Award in 2008, in recognition for the Provincial Guide publication that helped millions of Ontarians with disabilities and with special needs become better prepared for an emergency event. (3+ million copies distributed in print, cds, diskettes and on-line downloads since official launch in 2007).

  • Delivered over 300 community group information sessions and town hall public education presentations for thousands in attendance across municipalities and for disability agency groups to promote improved public accessibility awareness and help Ontarians with disabilities and other vulnerable segments of the population become better prepared for an emergency event. (2007 - 2011) 

  • Planned, developed and managed many provincial conference events for government officials, ministry staff, NGOs, members of the general public including launching the 1st Annual UN International Day for People with Disabilities Forum in Ontario in 2007 followed by the 2nd Annual UN Forum in 2008. Each of these provincial forums was specifically planned to deliver full accommodation and ease of access to 100's in attendance to and during the events.

  • Presented a comprehensive 2 hours workshop to over 300 national and international delegates at the World Conference of Disaster Management (2007).

  • Spearheaded the provincial government's new Diversity Consultation Initiative in 2010 and 2011 including developing and managing two separate large scale diversity forums that brought together over 100 diversity stakeholder agencies to identify new communication solutions for relaying key emergency preparedness information to Ontarians with language barriers, of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds including to help the province better understand how best to accommodate each diverse group's particular restrictions and special needs during a declared emergency event.

  • Contributed to various NGO disability agency steering committees in the development of improved access for client groups (2007 - 2011).

  • Introduced staff lunch'n learn sign language educational series to improve communications with members of the deaf community. (2009)

  • Managed and developed over 500 collaborative accessibility and diversity stakeholder partnerships with various provincial and national NGOs, municipal, provincial, federal government agencies and business community members to promote best practices in accommodation and inclusion of clients from diverse minority and special needs groups.

  • Served as a contributing subject matter expert on several Provincial ministry-working action groups responsible for developing, finalizing and implementing the AODA Customer Service and Information & Communication Standards in Ontario. 

  • Developed and managed hundreds of corporate events, educational forums, industry conferences and public educational workshops and learning programs that focused on Risk Reduction and Harm Prevention since 1998. Each event was planned to meet the accommodation needs of event participants with disabilities and special needs, well before the ADO became enacted into law in 2001 in Ontario. (Primarily, because providing equitable ease of access and accommodation at each event was a natural consideration in the spirit of inclusion.)

  • Worked as a weekly safety columnist for the Metro Toronto Newspaper with over 120 public safety awareness and risk mitigation articles published to a weekly local Toronto readership of over 540,000 not including on-line followers.

  • Served as a contributing writer and editor for several magazine publications that promoted personal safety strategies to the general public as well as to help empower the most vulnerable from becoming exploited and harmed by the criminal element. 

​In light of RemedyBlox founder's Subject Matter Expertise in Accessibility Design and Accommodation Implementation, and post-graduate degrees in Criminology, Victimology, Human Behavior Science, Law and Ethics, including demonstrable commitment to the promotion of accessibility and accommodation, and contribution to the protection of the most vulnerable segments in society, is what sets our services apart from our competitors. We at RemedyBlox can say with conviction that we lead by example, leaving firmly placed accommodation footprints for others to follow.

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RemedyBlox' Accommodation Advantage