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​​​"Helping You Enhance Your Safety & Security  and Overall Wellness is Our Operative Focus!"

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* We are now offering various premium banner size ad spaces on our website under the Business Directory  listing. We also recently added "Single web-page" advert opportunities for any Industry Leader looking to exclusively promote their Business Services / Product on our website under the "Industry Leads" page for a specific sector. Single page advert procurement also offers monthly article submissions on any new developments within their industry sector. Just let us know your promotional preference and which "Industry Leadership" page you are interested in securing. Email us directly to discuss your options. You can also fill in the on-line form at "Contact Us" page to obtain more details about our Advertising promotions. 

Available Advertising Banner Spaces  & Single Page Spots!

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​​ Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities 

Sponsorship  Options

   Advertising & Cross Promotional Opportunities

Event Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunities

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Corporate Sponsorship at Business Events and Conferences is one of the most valuable marketing tools and promotional vehicles for corporate and institutional businesses to invest in. Corporate sponsorship offers vast opportunities for businesses to effectively and directly promote their products and services to niche target market audiences in attendance as well as to create new collaborative business relationships with fellow industry leaders.

Corporate Sponsors are consistently presented with a brilliant opportunity to tap into a focused and effective company promotional forum tailored to serve the sponsors business goals.

Sponsorship Benefits include:

  • Create new collaborative and reciprocal business relationships within specific industry.
  • Opportunity to establish personal direct contacts with industry leaders in attendance
  • Develop and increase sponsors' corporate brand recognition among a highly influential audience, while gaining widespread industry acknowledgment.
  • Direct and personal access to a valuable network of companies and delegates, exposing products and services to an accessible target market.
  • Enhance corporate image by association with a widespread industry event specifically tailored to your business.
  • Benefit from the receptive and relaxed availability of attendees during the span of an event.


Business Categories

RemedyBlox understands the value of promoting businesses that can offer reputable services and quality products to our clients looking to meet their situational needs.

For opportunities to advertise your business on our Business Directory Page to reach your target audience or to exclusively promote your product / services on one of our  "Industry Leadership" designated pages by specific industry sectors - please contact us for more details and options on how to get started.

Corporate Promotional Opportunities:

Afford an organization with the unique opportunity to promote its business among prominent decision-makers attending the event. This investment option can be customized for maximum visibility and distinction and budget. Lead event supporters always enjoy the full  marketing and networking advantages of the event.

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Functional Sponsorship Opportunities:

Functional sponsorship is an attractive option to target a particular segment of the event  (eg.; breakfast, luncheon or dinner, reception cocktail party, refreshment breaks), an exhibit or speaker session. This offers an alternative level of involvement and exposure to participating delegates and event audiences.

Want to be one of the first to know which corporate events are coming up with new Sponsorship Opportunities?

Contact us today to be added to our email list to receive Sponsorship Alerts based on your area of interest best suited to your business promotional needs.  

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*DISCLAIMER: RemedyBlox retains the sole and absolute discretionary authority to accept or reject any advertisement request or sponsorship intent, without having to provide just cause or reason for its final decision or determination. Similarly any existing advertisement posted on this website  at anytime may be removed and cancelled at anytime without just cause or compensatory relief whenever RemedyBlox determines an existing or prospective advertiser is operating their business in a manner not in-line with RemedyBlox' business values, integrity or code of ethics. Furthermore, while RemedyBlox exercises due diligence to promote or partner with other reputable organizations, businesses and service providers and manufacturers that are believed to share RemedyBlox' highest operational standards and reputable business practices, that does not imply or suggest that RemedyBlox is providing any warranties or guarantees about a particular product or service provided by a third-party. Everyone is urged to exercise their own due diligence before making their decision of whether to proceed with a particular vendor or service provider listed on our website as an advertiser or as a sponsor at any of our events. Our advertisement and sponsorship opportunities serve as a helping starting point for the end user.