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  • ​​Contract Negotiation with Vendor / Supplier

Event Planning & Management

Business Services Outsourcing

Tradeshow Staffing

Event Outsourcing Advantages

SWOT Event Analysis

Customized Professional Services

Many organizations find value from offering their own conference or hosting an informative trade show or featuring a new corporate program initiative to promote their products and/or services. Events such as these provide valuable in-person collaborations with other business executives and professionals, as well as the opportunity to stand out as a leader in their respective industry. Holding such an important event and making the correct decision whether to proceed with in-house staff or to outsource  (in part or in entirety) to a professional event experts is like RemedyBlox is central. Unfortunately, some companies proceed with an event relying on their own staff, often overestimating their capacity to "mastering it all". Such inaccurate assumptions often equate to incurred unforeseen added costs and even missing their business' target objectives.

These are just a few reasons why hiring RemedyBlox' event professionals just makes good business sense

and should be a key consideration for your next corporate event! 

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Accessilibty Management

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Corporate Brand Design

  • Event Program Design Management

At RemedyBlox we assist and deliver the following specialized professional business services to many business owners and companies to help them achieve their organization's business goals and objectives. Our industry experience. professional "know-how" and access to resources consistently delivers the highest service and product satisfaction to reach the target mark.

Venue Logistics

Workshop / Seminar Facilitation

Conference / Event Development

  • Consulting Services


  • Facilitate Plenary Sessions / Interactive Workshops 


Exhibitor Services & Booth Staffing

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Consulting Services

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At RemedyBlox we understand in-house event planning challenges and are ready to step in to assist in any capacity to help manage your upcoming corporate event or special function successfully (in part or in full) as well as help control against and mitigate unforeseen situations to ensure smooth and seamless delivery. Our full scope of service event management expertise and creative style brings a fresh unique approach to the event management industry. Whether we are contracted to secure the ideal venue, or fulfill speaker contracts, or staff your event registration desk, or fulfill event sponsorship goals. Whatever the task in-front or behind the scenes we are ready to step in to help your event be a success in it's strategic vision.

We at RemedyBloxtake pride in offering an experienced event management team that knows how to function as an extension of your organization and we truly understand the value of operational optimization and sustainability in a competitive marketplace. Our approach in any role we assume or service we offer is handled with meticulous attention to detail and obsessive precision. Regardless of the size or scope of a project or event entrusted in our hands, we treat every assignment like a business aiming to achieve its strategic goals and well defined milestones. Our comprehensive project management style and accessibility acumen ensures your event will be accessible to people with disabilities, and accommodating various dietary, religious and cultural needs.

We are committed to delivering your event on time and within your budget.

  • Sponsorship Sales, Support and Fulfillment


  • Event Accomodation Fulfillment
  • Post-Event Evaluation Support / Analysis 

Business Services "Blox"

  • Pre-Event "SWOT" Analytics
  • Professional, friendly and highly organized registration desk staffing for all types of events
  • Exhibitor trade show booth staffing services including promotion and sales of client's product and services at the event
  • Business content writing and graphic design services
  • Comprehensive accommodation design and implementation in all stages of a corporate event function to meet the needs and restrictions of people with disabilities, individuals with food allergies, and those from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds

Event Assistance Service Options

Event Staging

  • Speaker Contracting and Fulfillments  

Business Services Outsourcing

Program Design & Fullfilment

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Travel Logistics

Speaker Fullfilment

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Risk-Based Training and Situational Risk Management Services

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