Risk-Based Training and Situational Risk Management Services

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​​​"Helping You Enhance Your Safety & Security  and Overall Wellness is Our Operative Focus!"

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Personal Safety

"Danger Stranger" Through a Child's Lens  

Helping Children Internalize the Meaning of Warnings


PE / CST- 004

Our Innovative Design


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Program Facilitation

Our primary focus in our School Programs is to provide school children of all ages and various diverse demographic backgrounds and abilities with an arsenal of practical tools and insights to feel included, safe and empowered in their environment. Our program streams not only aim to help school children to increase their personal safety and security awareness in various life situations but also become champions and advocates for others who might feel vulnerable or be at greater risk of being harmed or injured physically, emotionally or psychologically. Simply stated, our school programs are designed to celebrate each child as both an individual and a member of a positive social collective that accepts, embraces and desires to accommodate diversity and promotes accessibility for others.  Children learn how to recognize and responsibly respond to various risks and harms in an effective safe and manner. 


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Emergency Preparedness

"On-Line Safety"

Why We Love to Play with Different Legos 

Helping Kids Understand the Strength and Unity of Social Diversity

Educational Lunch'n Learn & After School Child Programs 

PE / CST - 006

We are happy to provide details of our child safety course programs.

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Speak to us

about how to get your school signed up for the RemedyBlox Educational Kids' Safety Programs!

RemedyBlox School Program Courses

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  • Lunch & Learn Programs
  • After School Programs
  • Weekend Sessions
  • ​Student Assembly Presentations
  • (Capacities (10 to 300+)  

Creating a Barrier Free World is Just, Fair and Cool 

Introducing Kids to Various Disability Accommodations 

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PE / CST-005

We’d Love to Hear From You, So Lets Get In Touch!

Diversity & Inclusion

"Diversity & Inclusion"

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On-line Safety

"Emergency Preparedness"


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Course Codes

RemedyBlox School Safety and Diversity Inclusion Programs inspire children to learn through our highly artistic expressionism format where the child's creative, imaginative and playful nature is nurtured and encouraged in each lesson plan. Our lunch and learn sessions and after-school programs fully engage the child's mind, body and spirit through both guided instruction and opportunity for each child to explore their creative interpretative design to the fullest. Each of our carefully designed program streams delivers important key messages and risk mitigation tools in a proactive and easy to understand manner according to the class age group. Lesson plans are founded on proactive awareness promotion and insight building rather than being fear based or alarmist. Our highly interactive play sessions help each child feel more confident, empowered and enlightened by end of each class session including better identify certain risks, understand the implication of various possible dangers, and threats posed to them or against others. Children also leave each session better equipped on how to mitigate and respond most appropriately in face of harm or risks under different case scenarios.  

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 PE / CST-001

  • 6 Program Areas (Accessibility, Anti-Bullying, Diversity, Emergency Preparedness, On-Line Safety, Personal Safety)
  • 7 Lesson Plans per program area - sessions are customized according to age groups starting from Grades 1 to 12
  • 1 hour Interactive sessions offered once per week during Lunch time or after school at the child's school
  • We supply all the course materials and activity items 
  • We arrive at the school, set-up the classroom, clean-up after each session and leave the school   

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RemedyBlox School Programs are delivered by carefully screened and trained facilitators experienced to teach school children (grades 1 - 12). Our team's subject matter expertise within the given discipline of safety, security, risk mitigation, diversity, accessibility and accommodation provides a robust understanding to the students. Each session commences with an overview of the day's lesson plan followed with delivery of key components of the session's course curriculum objectives and deliverables.

Students are given ample of opportunities to learn through various role-playing activities, improve acting skits, expressive dance, music, and various highly interactive structured group play exercises that also include drawing and painting. These fun activities help each child to tap into their creative and artistic side to communicate their understanding and comprehension of the lesson plan deliverables.

Students are also involved in presenting and explaining their artistic creations which helps them to develop their verbal communication ability and fosters self-confidence in speaking in public. By the end of the program series students create a  "group paint fest collage" which serves as an excellent review and summary tool for each child to contribute what they learned throughout the program. The artistic group collage further facilitates each child to learn how to function in a team, express their thoughts and beliefs in a safe environment, as well as develop their presentation skills.

Another binary benefit is yielded for the school as a whole, where the content and the messaging in the artistic collage serves to educate the student body about safety, security, emergency preparedness and how to accommodate others with special needs and be inclusive towards others from diverse ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds.

Are you interested in having us come out to your school or community center to deliver from the list of current child program sessions shown above?

Then pleaseemail us directly - or simply complete the form below and include:

  • the name of your school or agency group / association,  
  • the title and  course code you are interested in having us deliver to your children, and 
  • dates and location you want the program course of choice delivered by our subject matter experts

Following receipt of your notification we will respond to you within 24 hours with next steps on finalizing the program course date and location. If there is another specific program topic you would like to be delivered in the future please let us know, as we always welcome suggestions for new children's educational topics.

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What We Offer

PE / CST-003

Situational Awareness

"Personal Safety & Situational Awareness"

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The Kaleidoscopic Lure of On-Line Predators  

Instilling Critical Thinking and Smart On-Line Choices in Kids

PE / CST-002

Be Prepared Not Scared 

Informing Children on the Basics of 72 Hours Emergency Preparedness  

"Inspiring Learning through Creativity, Imagination and Play"

The Bully's Armour is a Sieve

Practical Steps to Neutralizing a Bully

Accessibility Awareness

Student Program "Blox"

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