Plenary Sessions

  • Flexibility to custom design events according to our client's business needs, identified objectives and identified budget and resources
  • Directly work with clients as their strategic event management partner instead of their “hired help” ;

  • Professional event management style with a keen eye for detail;

  • Contingency planning forethought to mitigate unexpected risks or situational events;

  • Ensure every detail is looked after where our clients' events are executed using a strategic overall plan and a methodical management approach to allow our clients to rest easy and enjoy their event;

  • Deliver inclusive events where programs accommodate diverse target audiences by meeting their special needs ranging from dietary restrictions, cultural / religious considerations, to delivery of  barrier free access.

As such, our approach at RemedyBlox is unlike our competitors because first and foremost we focus on understanding your organization and the reasons underpinning your decision to hold the event. Such insights we put into action utilizing our arsenal of resources and over 20 years of business event management and conference development expertise to deliver tangible business outcomes. We want your event to reflect positively on you and make a bold positive statement about your business. Our laser sharp focus, unparalleled professionalism and exceptional customer service means you can entrust us with your event to achieve your business goals.

Networking Events

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Corporate Event Excellence and Innovation

Forums / Symposiums

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  When to "In-House" vs. to Outsource to a Professional ? 

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The RemedyBlox Advantage


Our Commitments

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  • Provincial Emergency Response - Employee Training Events - Emergency Management Ontario, MCSCS (2008-2011)

  • United Nations' 1st and 2nd Annual International Day of People with Disabilities Forum, Toronto, Ontario, MCSCS (2007 and 2008)

  • Emergency Management Annual Conference for Emergency Management Ontario, MCSCS, Aylmer, Toronto (2007 and 2008)

  • Legal and Medical Business Conferences and Workshops, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver (2004 and 2005)

  • Crisis Communications and BCP Emergency Management Conferences, Toronto (2005)

  • Business Administration Conferences, Toronto and Ottawa (2005)

  • Risk Reduction / Harm Prevention Symposiums, Toronto (2001 - 2008)

  • Business Receptions / Corporate Cocktail Parties, Toronto  (2000 - 2005)

  • Monthly Criminology Workshop Symposiums,  Receptions, Toronto, CRIMSA, University of Toronto  (1998 - 2001)

Developed by Founder of RemedyBlox 

Tradeshow Events

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Business Socials

Event "BLOX"

Highlights of Past Conference Events / Forums

Our Services: Event Management Blox

So let's get in touch to discuss the different services we at RemedyBlox can offer to you to make our event a success!

Please complete and submit the following form if you are planning any corporate event and are looking for assistance from our Professional Event Management Team. We will be delighted to set up a non- obligation event consultation to discuss your options and our services. Thank you for considering RemedyBloxfor your upcoming corporate event function.  We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Corporate Retreats

Our RemedyBlox event management and conference development team knows that a truly successful event starts way before selecting the venue, food and beverages, or ordering the linens, flowers and lighting.Agreed, these components are important parts of every event, but they do not define the event. Instead, understanding our client's organization and the business reasons for putting on the corporate event or conference are the key building blocks (part of our "BLOX" services) we use to construct a solid foundation for your business function to meet your identified business goals, and provide a maximum return on your event investment. ​

Stream-Lined Corporate Events

Seminars / Workshop

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Does your organization hold interest in offering a quality conference, an exhibitor trade show, a corporate meet & greet social, or an educational symposium to foster and build stronger collaborative efforts among staff and with other businesses and industry leaders ?

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Then look no further, as we at RemedyBlox can help you design,  manage  and execute a successful professional event (of any size) seamlessly from start to finish at the most ideal venue location whether locally, nationally or abroad. We also pride ourselves with taking the time to understand our clients' business and it's event objectives, as well as the ability to work within our clients' given time fames and resource parameters.

Staff Parties

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Our I.D.E.A.L. Values

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  • Budget, cash flow, and financial management
  • Business funcions / Retreats
  • Conference development and speaker management
  • Corporate Ambassadorship
  • Corporate logo design and brand management
  • Event accessibility & accommodations design
  • Event branding and marketing
  • Event communications and promotion
  • Event contingency planning
  • Event entertainment fulfillment
  • Event production and AV coordination
  • Exhibitor display design & fulfillment 
  • Facility and hotel management
  • Logistics & operations management
  • Print production and program management
  • Post-event survey development / administration 
  • Post-event analytics and reporting
  • Post-event summary reporting
  • Project administration and event management
  • Program design and content writing
  • Promotional product design and fulfillment
  • Registration desk management and staffing support
  • Speaker contracting & fulfillment
  • Sponsorship sales, support and fulfillment
  • Third-party vendor contracting
  • Tradeshow / exhibitor serives
  • Venue selection / Third-Party Planner Option
  • Volunteer / event staff management
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The general rule of thumb for developing a corporate event "In-House" is when a company holds a workforce between 1,000 - 10,000 employees with some staff holding actual event organization skills and program management experience.

But even then, the staff assigned to develop a corporate program event need to be well versed in contract fulfillment with third-party vendors as well as knowledgeable and experienced in applying the Accessibility Act for People with Disabilities (in the province / state the event is being held), Human Rights Code and The Information and Privacy Act to meet equitable standards and proper handling of private and confidential information disclosed by event attendees related to their event accommodation needs .

Specifically, organizations need to properly evaluate before determining to plan and manage their event on their own if their staff actually hold the appropriate know-how and ability to mitigate against specific risks associated with making an event accessible and accommodated to all in attendance. Otherwise, any missteps can result in the organization being deemed as non-compliant by the governing agencies under various Acts and Codes which can carry costly consequences and negative implications ranging from being fined to the organization's name, brand and reputation becoming tarnished in the public forum for its failure to provide event accommodations as mandated by specific Accessibility Standards or regulated by the Human Rights Code and Privacy Act. Such negative exposures carry additional financial hits and can irrevocably jeopardize the organization's sustainability in a competitive marketplace which is not always easy to recover from, unless more money and resources are invested over time to regain the public's faith and trust in their organization and brand.

Similar risks and losses are more so imminent for smaller organizations that don't hold practical event accessibility design expertise and are also ill equipped due to smaller and limited workforce capacity. Staff that lack the necessary know-how to plan and manage all aspects of an upcoming important event, run the risk of the event failing to deliver on the identified objectives and desired outcomes. Hence why it is prudent and financially sound to outsource an important business event in part or in its entirety to RemedyBlox. We hold the necessary proven track record to develop and deliver robust and fully accessible corporate event programs. We also know how to control against unforeseen costs,  mitigate the risks and deliver target marks on time and budget. 

Fundraising Events

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Risk-Based Training and Situational Risk Management Services

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