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We are now offering this premium space for your advert.

We are now offering this premium space for your advert.

Accessibility Champions

Are you an established Accessibility  Proponent interested in promoting your services with RemedyBlox?

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​​Tel: 905-967-3014    Fax: 844-888-4453
​Email: info@changingpaces.com 

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*PUBLIC DISCLAIMER: You are under no obligation to use the service providers or consultants whose name is listed above on RemedyBloxwebsite's "Disability Rights" listing nor is any of the above listed parties obliged to accept you as a client.  Use of this Directory also does not guarantee a free consultation with any member advertising their services on this website. You will need to discuss fees and pricing directly with each of the parties you decide to contact as well as solely determining and finalizing any contractual business agreements or contracts as per your sole determination and decisions.

Accessibility News


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Are you seeking information on accessibility rights, assistance with your workplace or public accommodation rights or human right advocacy?


Perhaps you  are looking for a professional speaker / workshop facilitator that can share their knowledge and personal experiences on the importance of having an inclusive society for all regardless of their abilities?The following list of accessibility proponents worth contacting to discuss your situation or interests in accessibility rights and accommodation awareness promotion. This listing page is intended to be your starting point.

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Simplifying disability legislation for organizations that don't think they have the time or the money to comply.

CRTASA offers a new centralized registry service in North America for people with disabilities who require the assistance of their certified service or therapy animal. The standardized CRTASA Photo ID Card system aims to provide ease of verification by the public to promote ease of public access to people with disabilities and their working animal that was officially trained / certified by an accredited training facility or licensed trainer whom CRTASA can verify.

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Please contact us directly by email or complete this online form to obtain pricing and posting details. 

Contact CRTASA by email: info@crtasa.com

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CRTASA - Canadian Registry of Therapy Animals and Service Animals

News source providing legal updates and best practices on accommodation for people with disabilities.

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- Disability Expert, Facilitator, Motivational Speaker