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Our RemedyBlox  all-inclusive weekend retreats are holistic in design to provide each participant with much needed healing and creating balance in their body, mind and spirit. From our carefully selected delicious nutritious meal plans, relaxing massage, yoga, meditation, confidence building group activities to structured learning opportunities gain understanding and a clearer perspective on available options for remedy - leads participants to leave feeling rejuvenated, understood and empowered with new insights and risk mitigation and harm prevention tools to tackle existing concerns. life issues, or improve their relationships with others in a safe and proactive manner.

  • Abused Partners  ​Men or Women who endured abuse or are still being assaulted in relationship 

  • Accident Survivors Work accident survivors or survivors of a life altering accident that resulted in serious injury and/or permanent impairment.

  • Compulsive / Addictive Personalities Anyone battling a Behavior Addiction or those in recovery looking to end their urges for a particular high-risk behavior (e.g., PATHOLOGICAL GAMBLING, SEX ADDICTION, COMPULSIVE EATING, HOARDING, SHOP-LIFTING, etc..)  

  • Couples in Turmoil Those trying to salvage a troubled relationship.

  • Divorcees Men and women either going through a difficult divorce or looking to rebuild their life anew following a contentious divorce.

  • Families in Distress  Adults in turmoil or hurt by an abusive or toxic family member (e.g., a parent, sibling(s), in-laws, or their children.

  • Seniors / Retirees Adults (60+ yrs) looking for advice and tools to increase their personal safety, mitigate against risks of exploitation and gaining fresh positive outlook in living life to the fullest post-retirement. 

  • ​Survivors of Crime Anyone who survived a physical, emotional, sexual assault by a stranger or person they knew; including anyone targeted and financially exploited or having their identity stolen.

  • Widowers Adult men and women who lost their life partner and are struggling with the loss, grief, and loneliness, including those grappling with the uncertainty of dating or starting anew in another relationship. 

We respect the importance for privacy and confidentiality of and by all participants throughout the duration of each retreat program. As such we have implemented various privacy measures at each retreat to afford each participant with an enhanced level of anonymity and confidentiality during their resort stay.  One such measure is to provide participants with the option of using an  "alias" for their first name throughout their participation during the course programs. Furthermore, no personal mobile phones or recording devices are permitted to be used by anyone participating in any of the RemedyBlox retreat program sessions (as specified in our Terms of Use section).

We truly want to create open dialogue where group participants can speak openly and also engage freely in the moment without someone in their group wanting to take their photo or recording what they say in confidence. Landline phones at each resort shall remain fully accessible to all should they need to make a call in-between sessions and/or after event activities. In respect to our universal accommodation commitment to persons with disabilities, any person requiring electronic assistive communication devices based on their disability needs during the workshops and activity sessions is asked to please contact us in writing in advance to afford us the needed time it may take to arrange for all reasonable accommodations to be made available prior to the program start date.

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Who should attend

Why you should attend

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If you feel the time has come for you to lead a more fulfilled and balanced life - then you owe it to yourself to come and join us at our upcoming "RemedyBlox Weekend Empowerment Retreats. Our retreat programs are led by Subject Matter Experts in Psycho Social and Human Behaviorism paradigms and other relative disciplines. They oversee and facilitate each program with demonstrable care, empathy and a non-judgemental manner because they appreciate the frailty of the human condition and also understand that to "err is human" and that everyone deserves the opportunity to start anew. Each retreat depending on the given subject matter brings together participants with similar shared personal experiences and those interested in validating, addressing or resolving a particular life event or personal matter causing them undue concerns, trepidation or fears.

Our Privacy Measures

Note: Our list of upcoming weekend retreat programs are going to be held at various luxurious 5-Star Resort locations across the province of Ontario as well as in other provinces across Canada. Starting in 2019 and contingent on interest and demand from US residents wanting to take part - we plan to offer these weekend retreats in various States across the USA. All resort venue location details (per specific retreat program and province/state selected) will be released to each registrant once the group limit of 12 has been fulfilled to finalize the venue booking. Participants are not considered registered until their registration and course payment has been processed and a confirmation statement has been issued to them by  RemedyBlox (according to our Terms of Use directives). 

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  • 3 Days / 2 Nights  Stay (Private Suite - Fri & Sat)​

  • Welcome Gift Basket 

  • Friday Night Ice-Breaker Welcome Reception  

  • 2 Delicious Breakfasts (Sat & Sun)

  • 1 Lunch (Sat) / 2 Dinners (Fri & Sat)

  • AM/PM Refreshments Breaks (Sat & Sun)

  • Interactive Workshops (Sat / Sun)

  • Program Materials

  • Group Programs

  • Guest Speakers

  • "Fireside" Chats (Fri / Sat / Sun)

  • Daily Group Activities​​

  • Motivational Exercises

  • 1 (60 Min) Soulful Yoga Session - beginners (Sat)

  • Complimentary Yoga Mat

  • 1 (30 Min) Relaxation Massage

  • Mindfulness Meditation Sessions 

  • On-Site Exhibitors 

  • Complimentary Shuttle Bus Service* (*applies to select resort providers offering free Pick-up.)

​​per Retreat

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​​All-inclusive 3 Days / 2-Nights Retreat Package incl.:  

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Group Limit!

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Graphic Image of a large question mark which outlines the silhouette of a black head with face pointing right. Large black dot is underneath the head to complete the question mark.
Photo Image of Viamede Resort in the Kawartha Lake Region. Hotel is situated on the lake nestled among trees. Roof is red with white exterior walls.

RemedyBlox Empowerment Retreats

Our group retreats offer privacy and a confidential setting that is void of judgment about participants' views, past decisions, life-style choices or current adverse predicaments. Our structured peer-to-peer support learning format is founded on mutual respect by and for all. Group participants are offered with the much needed opportunity to speak frankly and openly about their particular situation and struggles as related to the program event subject matter.      This structured "unfettered" open group dialogue affords a cathartic experience for all - especially for those who are unable to hold similar discussions with their own family, friends or partners out of fear of not being understood, unfairly judged, possibly ridiculed or perhaps worried their relationship could become further strained. We created these retreat getaways for those who currently are suffering alone and without receipt of needed understanding, advice, help or support from others in their life so as to help bring about the much needed positive change in their life by sparing them from further upset or turmoil. 

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Viamede Resort - Kawartha Lakes Region 

Photo image of a woman standing at the shore of a lake. She is holding a yoga pose with both arms extended, standing on the left leg with right leg bent at the knee and resting behind her left leg.Setting is serene with a small island shown in front of her on the horizon.
  • Enjoy the tranquility of a luxurious resort destination where you can just unplug from life's chaos for a few days. 
  • Explore new options on how to overcome current fears and anxiety holding you back from leading the life you want and deserve.
  • Gain support and unbiased feedback from others who share your experiences.
  • Release self-doubt and learn to release the past which is holding you back from success.
  • Rid yourself of all negativity, worries and drama that is robbing you of your happiness. 
  • De-stress in a luxurious serene setting while discovering fresh insights on how to proactively promote your own well being while learning how to mitigate specific risks.
  • Learn how to effectively deal with toxic individuals and build healthy relationships.

Only 12 Spots

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Risk-Based Training and Situational Risk Management Services

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