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  • Are you feeling lonely or socially or geographically isolated - where you just want someone to speak with to feel a human connection?

  • Are you struggling with a behavior addiction or you have recently relapsed in your recovery where you need to understand and overcome the urges?

  • Unsure how to resolve something that is weighing on your psyche?

  • Are you feeling stressed, worried or upset about a particular challenging relationship with a spouse, family member(s), friend or someone at work?

  • Do you feel you have been living a double life and you just need someone to talk about it in confidence? 

  • Is there a secret you have been keeping from your loved ones and unsure how to tell them? 

  • Is there a particular situation in your life where you just want someone to offer you an unbiased objective opinion?

  • Are you looking to talk to someone who can offer a non-judgmental perspective on a particular problem you are going through?

  • Do you need someone to offer you with encouragement, value and reignite your self-worth and self-confidence?  

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The BUDDY LINE is restricted to Adults ages 18 years and older and available only to those who register and set up a user account with CLICK-4ADVISOR. For information on setting up a User Account with CLICK-4ADVISOR please <CLICK HERE>

By proceeding with setting up a CLICK-4ADVISOR User Account means you have read and agreed to the CLICK-4ADVISOR's Privacy Policy and its User's Terms of Use Policy. 

By proceeding to call our BUDDY LINE shall also imply you have read, understood and you agree to the following RemedyBlox conditions and terms of use for the BUDDY LINE phone advisory service link offered here on our website:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age to use our BUDDY LINE; and
  2. The BUDDY LINE is presently offered and available only in the USA, CANADA, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand; 
  3. You understand and agree that the BUDDY LINE is NOT a psychic phone line, a dating service, a phone-sex line, a Suicide Intervention Hotline, a 911 emergency responder or a phone service that provides medical, legal or financial advice; and
  4. Any calls made to the BUDDY LINE to speak with an Advisor are intended and strictly for the purpose of obtaining confidential emotional support, encouragement for positive resolutions, a neutral unbiased perspective on a particular situation you are struggling with, and/or harm prevention and risk reduction suggestions for your future consideration; and 
  5. Your call to the BUDDY LINE is connected to us by CLICK-4Advisor who uses a "Double-blind' Private & Secure Phone System" to connect parties where their phone numbers are never revealed to each other to promote anonymity and confidentiality; and
  6. You can be instantly connected with our Advisor during the posted available scheduled hours or you can always request a timely call back to be arranged through Click-4Advisor; and
  7. You agree to the $3.99 USD per minute rate that will be deducted in real-time from your CLICK-4Advisor account for the number of minutes you speak to our BUDDY LINE Advisor. If your balance runs down to 1 minute left, you will receive an alert and an option to add more money to continue the call. If your balance depletes and you are disconnected, you call always login to your account and deposit additional funds to your account balance to get more advice; and  
  8. Please note that our BUDDY LINE phone advisory service does NOT and will not offer any caller any medical diagnosis or any medical, legal and/or financial advice - where if you are in need for such professional expert services you are asked to seek out a qualified and licensed doctor, lawyer or financial expert in your area instead of calling us on the BUDDY LINE; and
  9. If you believe your are in a dire emotional crisis, at risk of immediate injury or physical harm and/or you experiencing suicidal thoughts please call 911 or a Crisis Center or Suicide Intervention Hot-Line in your area for immediate assistance instead of calling the BUDDY LINE; and  
  10. You acknowledge that any emotional support, expert harm prevention or risk reduction advice or referrals to any licensed service professionals we may suggest to you during your BUDDY LINE phone session is considered just that "as suggestions only" where you always retain the sole responsibility and final decision making authority at all times on how you elect to proceed on any particular matter or situation (whether it was or was not discussed with us) during your purchased BUDDY LINE phone session; and
  11. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree to release RemedyBlox, its founder and advisor from any and all harms, injuries, damages, costs, and/or any and all liabilities that may result directly or indirectly from you using our BUDDY LINE phone service and/or whatever outcomes may result in you subscribing or holding a User Account with CLICK-4Advisor in the present and/or future; and 
  12. Furthermore, the BUDDY LINE does not offer or solicit or entertain any Sexual Services by phone. As such, you agree in advance not to call the BUDDY LINE for any sexual activities whatsoever in nature and will refrain from trying to engage our expert advisor into any explicit sexual content discussions or attempt to request any sexual services or favors whatsoever during your BUDDY LINE phone session as that is NOT its role or function; and 
  13. We also do not offer this phone service to engage, tolerate or support any expressed or implied comments that are racists, offensive in nature or that threaten violence against us or any specific person(s) or any minority group whose rights are protected under governing legislature under applicable Human Rights Codes in Canada and the USA; and
  14. Furthermore, any mention or talk by you during your BUDDY LINE call with our expert advisor where you identify any intention to want to commit a future criminal offense and/or you or someone else wanting or planning to cause injury, harm or death to yourself or to someone else or to members of the public will result in the BUDDY LINE phone call to be immediately terminated by us and such incident shall be deferred to Click-4Advisor phone service provider for their action and referral to the appropriate legal authorities; and 
  15. We reserve the absolute discretionary right to terminate any call at anytime that we believe is in violation of our terms of use policy as set out herein without any compensation owed in part or full to you; and 
  16. We also reserve the absolute discretionary right to permanently block any caller for whatever reason at anytime whom we believe or find has become abusive, threatening or uses excessive profanity, vile, derogatory and/or offensive language during their BUDDY LINE phone session; and ​
  17. All users who proceed to use the BUDDY LINE phone session it shall be implied and understood that they have read, understood and agree to the above set forth terms and conditions of use of the BUDDY LINE as well as having read, understood and agreed to RemedyBlox Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Policy found on this website.
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RemedyBlox "BUDDY LINE" 

  • Fast Connection to Own "Live" Expert Advisor

  • Anonymous Double-Blind Phone Connection 

  • Confidential & Private Non-Judgemental Setting

  • Access to Instant Understanding & Emotional Support

  • Client Feels Heard, Valued, Validated & Respected

  • Receipt of Harm Prevention & Risk Reduction Options 

  • Release of Self-Defeating Beliefs & Actions 

  • Client Learns to Recognize Toxic Relationships
  • Client is Empowered Against Abusive Personalities
  • Receipt of Expert Objective Opinion & Feedback

  • Fresh Perspective on a Situation from Neutral Expert 

  • Access to Additional Professional Resources

  • Reasonable Low Advisory Rates
  • Simple to Use Phone-Service

  • No Minimum Duration for Any BUDDY LINE Call
  • Client Determines How Long They Want to Spend on Any Call

Risk-Based Training and Situational Risk Management Services

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​​​"Helping You Enhance Your Safety & Security  and Overall Wellness is Our Operative Focus!"

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A New Confidential Click-4Advisor Platform

 "Designed for Adults to Call-In & Just Talk Things Out"

As the founder of RemedyBlox I am proud to welcome you and introduce you to our newly launched BUDDY LINE - which offers every caller the opportunity to call-in on our RemedyBlox secure Click-4Advisor Toll-Free phone line whenever they need to reach out and just talk or are looking for a non-judgmental perspective on a particular situation from RemedyBlox' expert advisor.

If you are feeling alone or lonely because of social or geographic isolation and just want to talk to someone on a personal platonic level to feel a human connection - then call the BUDDY LINE.

Or if you experiencing a personal dilemma, struggling with a behavior addiction (e.g., compulsive gambling, sex addiction, compulsive eating, other urges of self-destructive behaviors), or are troubled by a difficult personal situation at work or at home, or if you are unsure how to deal or resolve a particular relationship issue with a spouse. partner, family member or a friend or something else is causing you undue stress, uncertainty, fear, anxiety or some other form of emotional upset then CALL US TODAY - WE WILL LISTEN & PROVIDE YOU WITH SUPPORT TO GET YOU THROUGH IT! 

Just think of it, you now have the opportunity to call-in to have your concerns heard and to gain a fresh perspective from a Neutral advisor. Someone who is equipped and well versed on the frailty of the human condition able to offer you emotional support, help alleviate you feeling lost or alone as well as offer you with valuable insights and options, tools and resources to help you decide how you want to move forward in a positive direction. To get started simply <click here> to set up your Click-4Advisor user account to connect with us by phone when and as you need our assistance.    

To provide each caller with privacy and confidentiality CLICK-4Advisor Phone Lines use a "Double-blind' Private & Secure Phone System" to connect parties where their phone numbers are never revealed to each other. We chose this feature because we respect your privacy and we understand the value that offering an anonymous phone-line serves to those looking to discuss something sensitive in nature in total confidence.

Hope You Find the BUDDY LINE of Value ....

I Look Forward to Your Call !

... Remedy Max


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