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​​​"Helping You Enhance Your Safety & Security  and Overall Wellness is Our Operative Focus!"

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Creative Special Event Planning Designs

Planning and managing  an upcoming social or a significant life event such as a wedding, bridal shower, baby-shower, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, milestone birthday party, celebration of life or a philanthropic social event can be a stressful and overwhelming experience as well as costly when not done with the assistance of a professional expert event  planner. 

At RemedyBlox we offer amazing event planning options and solutions to; fit all budgets, materialize our client's vision, accommodate the needs of diverse groups (of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and group sizes) at the most perfect and ideal venue location. From concept to end and all the details in between; our experience, creative flair and event industry connections enable us to deliver a perfect memorable event for all in attendance.

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Our approach at RemedyBlox is unlike our competitors because first and foremost we focus on understanding our client's needs and vision of their event while respecting and working within their budget. Each event plan that we design and put into action relies on our arsenal of resources and lead industry contacts where we know "who is the best of the best" in their field and how their products and services best meet our client's event vision and specific needs. We also pride ourselves as the most knowledgeable and skilled diversity accommodation providers where all of our events are designed to be fully accessible for people with disabilities, guests with dietary restrictions based on medical or religious requirements including any social-cultural observances in the audience. Our laser sharp focus, unparalleled professionalism and exceptional event management style means you can entrust us with your event to achieve your vision and make your event a memorable experience for each of your guests.

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Our I.D.E.A.L. Values

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Before you proceed to select a venue or finalize any contracts with event suppliers or vendors on your own, you owe it to yourself to consult with us at RemedyBlox first! Our initial consultation is always free and can save you money, time not to mention alleviate all the stress and worry that comes with attempting to plan and execute event components on the day when you should be sitting back and enjoying the event together with your guests. 

  • Event plan design from concept to fulfillment
  • Facility and hotel allocation and fulfillment
  • Access to our network of reputable vendors 
  • Vendor procurement and aggressive contract negotiation
  • Event contingency planning and risk mitigation
  • Inclusive event accessibility design and accommodation needs' fulfillment to accommodate diverse audiences by meeting their ​ special needs ranging from dietary restrictions, cultural / religious considerations, and barrier free access for people with disabilities
  • All print design and production management
  • Guest merchandise "gift" design and fulfillment
  • AV logistics and coordination
  • Logistics & operations management
  • Budget, cash flow, and financial management
  • Event administration and event management services
  • Registration desk services and guest support
  • Event announcement and marketing fulfillment
  • Event sponsorship management for fundraising events
  • Guest speaker contracts and fulfillment
  • Event entertainment allocation and contract fulfillment
  • Speech writing services
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The RemedyBlox Commitment to Service Excellence

​​​Planning to host an upcoming social or a significant life event such as a wedding, an anniversary, a bridal or baby-shower, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a milestone birthday party, a celebration of life or a philanthropic social event?

​​At RemedyBlox we offer amazing all inclusive event planning solutions and a host of event package options designed to fit all budgets without sacrificing quality or service delivery. We also know how and what it takes to plan and manage events of any size and theme ranging from local venues in Ontario, across Canada or at international destinations.  Our event planners are trained and hold the necessary experience to design accessible and inclusive events to meet the needs of our client's guests with disabilities, diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. We also have the experience to work with chefs to design delicious meal menu options to meet a host of medical and religious dietary restrictions of our client's attending guests.

Our experienced RemedyBlox event planners hold  a keen eye for precision and meticulous attention to detail to turn our client's vision into reality with all the special touches that help deliver the most perfect and memorable event enjoyed by all in attendance.  

From concept to end and all the details in between RemedyBlox is committed to consistently deliver a fresh creative flair and practical logistics that help make the event flow seamlessly by utilizing our event industry experience and connections to the best in their field. We identify and select professional service providers with whom the best prices are negotiated for our clients without ever sacrificing on quality or compromising on service excellence. 

Simply said, RemedyBlox is committed to helping our clients as much as or as requested of us in planning and managing an event from start to end. We are here to do all of the hard work for our clients to deliver impeccable results and satisfaction!  

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Special Event Planning Services

Our Event Service Blox

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Scope of Event Service Resources:

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The RemedyBlox Event Advantage