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  • Official email correspondences to whom you need to present  a proper reply or statement of facts 
  • Typed letters - personal, formal, official
  • Incident or summary reports and charts  
  • Completion of important on-line e-forms and hard copy forms (e.g., for WSIB or insurance injury or loss of claims reporting, application for government benefits,, etc...) 
  • Business copy for on-line or print ads, newsletters, blog copy, promotional copy (e.g., event programs, wedding invitations, birth/death announcements) , manuals, workbooks, and any type of business literature
  • Website content, blogs, and social media posts
  • Resumes, CVs, cover and post-interview follow-up correspondence, bios and reference lists
  • Manuscripts (light and heavy editing; proofreading
  • Public speeches and personal addresses such as Eulogies, Master of Ceremony speaker notes including public speaking preparation package

Need to provide an official written response but don't know where or how to start? No worries, RemedyBlox is here to help you!

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  • Career coaching, and interview preparation
  • Court testimony and legal proceeding communication style enhancement
  • ​Public speaking preparation

At RemedyBlox we offer a broad range of professional writing services where our team of expert business professionals are immune to the dreaded "Writer's Block". Our writing pros are not just gifted writers but they love to write with passion and fortitude.

Our writers hold formal post-graduate educational backgrounds in various disciplines with work experience in different industry sectors, executive corporate business world, the Public Sector and also in different associations and NGO settings. The added advantage is that many are published writers, including regular columnists for different local and international newspapers, and different magazine publications.

This rich blend of education and experience affords our winning writing team at RemedyBlox to deliver professionally written material where the content is reflective of the information our clients not only "want to convey" but "need to have captured" in their final written copy. Regardless of whether we are retained by business professionals, academics or members of the general public, we always write in a manner that captures the tone and delivers the key messages most effectively. 

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​We offer in-person, phone and email consultations for most of our writing services. This allows us to get to know each client and his/ her unique backgrounds and specific goals which is always helpful when we are contracted for additional assignments where prior awareness presents its own advantages.

Contact us today to discuss your project needs for a free quote on our service fees. We consider each client’s situation and specific needs when pricing our jobs and will do our best to work within your budget and timelines whenever possible. 

Personal "One-On-One" Communication Packages

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Our mission at RemedyBloxis to identify our client's expectations and understand their goal of what key information they want their written correspondence deliver to the recipient. We take each writing assignment seriously to ensure that main points are covered as the client intends. Key issues are identified including the desired outcomes one seeks to achieve. Our client-specific content is always custom tailored and we refrain from relying on any standard cookie-cutter format response as these prove to be disservice to our clients. We also do not cut corners and we never compromise on our winning customer service commitment to our clients or their needs from the first point of contact to the final written copy. Each assignment is given undivided attention by our writers,  regardless of size, content or complexity. We deliver and treat each client with the highest respect and consider their needs and identified targeted outcomes to us as unprecedented.  

Our success and ability to meet our client's needs is rooted in our direct one-on-one approach with each of our clients.

Our personal attention and open dialogue affords us with the opportunities to gain the necessary breadth and depth of all pertinent materials and information relevant to the task assignment. We also consider and appreciate our clients’ diverse backgrounds, and any disclosure of information relayed to us is kept strictly confidential and with the highest level of discretion and non-judgement. We also pride ourselves with our proven unwavering professionalism, promptness, laser sharp focus on detail and being reliable on our commitments. Our final copy of any written projects is also fully vetted where we screen and control against grammar and spelling mistakes as we want your work to be a positive reflection on you. Our work and efforts are behind the scenes where noone except you and our team will ever know who wrote your final copy.

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We are always interested in promoting other expert business and content writers. So if you hold a proven track record in delivering timely professionally written documents and want to expand your on-line footprint - let us know!

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Our Mission

Professional Corporate and Individual Writing Services

  • Businesses
  • Employers
  • Government Agencies / Boards
  • Educational Facilities
  • WSIB - injury reporting
  • Insurance - claims
  • Property Management Firms
  • Landlord and Tenant Board (SJTO)
  • Lawyers
  • Medical Treatment Profressionals
  • Family Members on Important Matters
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Risk-Based Training and Situational Risk Management Services