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Toxic Environments

Are You a White Sheep Born Into a Black Herd? 

How to Respond and Deal with Caustic Family Members

When to Turn the Page or Just Burn the Book

Assessing the Strength and Health of Your Marriage

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PE / TXE-001

Family Dynamics

As with all of our services  - we always put the needs and special interests of our clients first!

Why You Can Never Please a Narcissist or Sociopath 

Understanding the Fundamentals of Deviant Sociopathy

PE / RR-001

Same Song Different Dance  

Avoiding Common Traps and Snares of  Callous Personalities

​Upcoming RemedyBlox Empowerment Weekend Retreats

Abusive Personalities

Drama and Chaos Have No Place in Paradise 

Finding Your Emotional Bliss Inspite of Life's Turmoil

Stalker Survival

Riskbased Relationships

              Program Area                                               Course Title                                                                          Course Code     

E / FR-0001

PE / RR-002

PE / ABP-001

​The following is a "snap shot" of RemedyBlox' current list of Social Risk Mitigation course offerings drawn on social science research in human behaviorism and best practices in creating healthy social interactions and the value of self-empowerment. Our program goal is to help individuals of all ages reclaim healthy social interactions with others by identifying negative patterns of human behavior to better understand when a relationship is salvageable or when it is time to safely terminate further contact without guilt or trepidation with those unwilling to change their unhealthy demands or abusive behavior.

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Honeymoon Roses & Bittersweet Chocolates

Recognizing the "Yellow & Red Flags" of an Abusive Relationship​

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RemedyBlox Steers Your Heart Past the Judgement and Pain That Does Not Define You!

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Taboo Resort - Maskoka Gravenhurst

PE / MD-001

For those looking for more than just a "One-Day" Seminar or an on-line course - consider booking your spot at one of our upcoming RemedyBlox Empowerment Weekend Retreats where we offer valuable topic specific programs over 3 days/2 nights stay to groups of up to 12 participants. Each program retreat is customized to a specific subject area of interest to participants holding similar personal experiences, concerns and situational life-events.  

Dating Safety

The following list of RemedyBlox seminars are offered in-person and via on-line. courses

Viamede Resort - Kawartha Lakes Region 

Our weekend get-a-ways offer participants a robust itinerary of well planned out activities, interactive workshops and structured supportive group settings founded on respect, privacy, confidentiality and void of judgement. We also carefully select our venues from various beautiful luxury resorts across Canada and starting in 2019 across the USA. The perfect serene resort settings, ample of daily activities to engage between workshop programs that offer new harm mitigation insights, sound practical advice and tools identified by our subject matter experts leading the programs. Each all-inclusive package is designed to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit to help participants return home feeling empowered, energized, and more confident to explore new possibilities in how to lead safer, happier, more fulfilled and balanced lives. 

PE / DV-001

Social Risk Mitigation Programs & Courses

6 Shards of Darkness

Survival Tips for Dealing with Obssessive Personalities

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The Good, Bad and Horrid in On-Line Dating

8 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Meeting Someone New   

​​We readily adapt our program curriculum, training courses and workshop sessions to the target audience so as to provide strategic insights and practical tools that participants can utilize immediately for maximum benefits and personal empowerment in specific situation. We also recognize and respect our clients' busy schedules where we deliver our RemedyBlox educational programs around our clients' availability for ease of access and participation!

Current Social Risk Mitigation Training Programs & Course Listing

Marriage / Divorce Coaching

Domestic Violence / IPV

PE / RS-001

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Risk-Based Training and Situational Risk Management Services

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​​​"Helping You Enhance Your Safety & Security  and Overall Wellness is Our Operative Focus!"

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