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​​​Unfortunately, when essential values in an established social bond are not shared or fairly reciprocated from the onset by all participants, or if the social bond becomes fractured (in part or in whole) over time, the subsequent emotional let down for those adversely affected often leads to grave disappointment, anger, frustration, helplessness, vulnerability. decreased self-esteem and loss of control to find the needed remedy.

These negative emotions including reluctance to leave an unrewarding relationship have shown to occur in direct proportion to the qualitative and quantitative vestments made over time. Furthermore, lack of identified expectations, needs and boundaries as well as low self-confidence run the added risk for the cycle of abuse to flourish and grow in intensity and severity over time.

As the cycle of abuse occurs with increased frequency so does the emotional neglect, psychological harms, even varying degrees of physical assaults, sexual exploitation and financial losses by those feeling in control and intent to solely satisfy their own needs and benefits without any regard as to how others may become adversely impacted by their corrosive actions. 

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Our RemedyBlox Personal Development Programs are designed to help individuals readily identify critical patterns in destructive behaviors, recognize toxic relationships and provide them with practical tools to help mitigate against future risks and harms while instilling self-confidence and empowerment to alleviate real and perceived fears that prevent them from making necessary changes in their lives and interactions with others.

Our subject matter advisers are well versed in human behavior sciences, psychology, criminology and victimology where they understand the dynamics of unhealthy relationships. Our personal development and risk reduction programs are offered as practical course workshops and also private one-on-one consultations aimed to help participants identify various warning signs of risk behaviors, toxic people and adverse risky situations. Participants learn new approaches to help rebuild salvageable bonds whenever possible while also identifying when and how to permanently and safely neutralize harmful ties with toxic people by successfully disengaging and making sound choices moving forward without self-doubt, regret or trepidation.

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Social Risk Mitigation & Self-Empowerment Programs

​​As social beings we hold an innate drive to socialize. We seek out social interactions with others because it provides us with many rewards and personal fulfillment vital to adapt to our surroundings and successfully function in particular settings such as at home, at work, in school, in business and in foreign regions. Healthy social interactions also bring us emotional elan and enhance our psychological and physical well being. They also mold our identity, give us a sense of belonging, validate our self-worth, and provide direct and indirect sense of safety and security to our surroundings. However achieving positive and fulfilling social interactions is contingent on the significant group contributors to the socialization process (e.g., family members, friends, life partners, coworkers, neighbors, etc.) and how well the "socializee" learns and to some degree appropriates other's values in order to gain admittance and acceptance into their fold.

The sustainability of acceptance and social inclusion is also contingent on how well each party reciprocates the other's shared values over time and how well any differences are managed.

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