RemedyBlox' Social-Risk Mitigation Training Platforms are designed for individuals who may feel they are in an unhealthy friendship, abusive relationship with a partner or family member or are in association with someone that is creating constant havoc and drama in their life. Especially, when such unhealthy and abrasive social interactions are causing them significant hurt, disrespect, upset and anguish over time including perhaps progressing to various forms of physical, emotional or financial harm(s) that they want stopped but might feel ashamed, discouraged, fearful or powerless to stand up against. As such, we help participants evaluate if a relationship is salvageable and if so how to move forward cultivating healthy positive outcomes with others involved. However, for relationships that are determined as unsafe and beyond repair, we identify options on how to end the caustic social interaction safely and without trepidation. As a preventative risk measure, we also provide participants with a deeper understanding of the key "Red Flag" indicators of toxic, callous, manipulative and abusive personality types to help them stop the current cycle of abuse from escalating as well as how to avoid falling victim to similar unsafe exposures in the future. We are especially cognizant of individuals with low self-esteem, who hold a history of abuse, are insecure or who have limited coping skills or suppressed communication styles. As such we ensure that programs are offered in a safe environment with their needs in mind including helping them rebuild their sense of self-worth, courage and newfound confidence to find and manage healthy, stable and long term social connections with others. 

As the first part of our firm's name "Remedy" suggests, we provide our corporate clients with winning risk-based solutions (remedies) that help build up core workforce competencies, empower and engage employees, leverage operational disruptions and mitigate against various risk exposures to control against associated losses and better manage particular liabilities. Through our winning training platform designs our business clientele learns to identify, evaluate, mitigate, respond and recover from specific risk exposures by viewing risks through a different lens, one that goes beyond the typical defensive or reactionary "value preservation response" mode to a "change" model strategy. This approach helps businesses recognize and identify change indicators and how to prepare and leverage against certain associated risks through consequential risk response analytics. The ultimate goal through our employee training platforms and risk-based consultations is to create high-value links between the company’s people, strategy, and management to achieve sustainable transformation performance and ultimately drive businesses forward to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace through and by their people. This approach helps complex issues to be addressed effectively in a timely and systematic manner. We also build resiliency across the organization where workforce culture and mindset are recognized as intrinsic components that demand continued cultivation and fine tuning.

In addition to working with various business sectors we also offer comprehensive educational platforms and support services to members of the General Public where we empower adults and children with practical insights and tools on how to identify, recognize and mitigate against various risk exposures. This includes learning to build and restore healthy social interactions with others (whenever possible) as well as helping individuals to protect themselves against various physical, psychological, emotional and/or financial harms particularly those associated with high risk behaviors / addictions. Our programs are not fear driven nor do we intend to foster a sense of paranoia or unhealthy perceptions about our society or to incorrectly generalize that all people are bad or criminally inclined.  Rather, our risk mitigation educational programs are designed to encourage and empower participants by identifying ways to cultivate healthier relationships with oneself and others. Simply said, our aim is to empower participants to live their lives to the fullest, enjoying their surroundings, exploring their full potential with a heightened level of consciousness, sense of self-worth and heightened awareness.

RemedyBlox also recognizes that not all adverse life events are within a person's ability to control against and that bad things can still happen to good people in some circumstances where healing the psyche and recovering from such adversity is the key to leading a productive quality rich life. Hence why we started the weekend empowerment retreats to help different target audience groups heal, rebuild, and gain new perspectives and understanding on how to move forward from an adverse life event they endured or may still be struggling with so that any fractures to the psyche / subconscious may become healed to allow one to end their self-defeating and self-sabotaging behvaiors. Our programs are led by subject matter experts in the study of Human Behaviorism, Addiction / Recovery, Criminology and Victimology to help participants recognize their own strengths, acknowledge their personal value and end cycles of past self-defeating or self-sabotaging behaviors. By creating this important psychological paradigm shift we aim to empower participants to become their own best advocates for positive change by releasing self-doubt and fears and reclaiming their lives with renewed optimism, courage and strength.

Our risk-based educational training programs and support services are customized to different vulnerable segments of society ranging from children, to the elderly, people with disabilities, minorities, and diverse population groups including those who survived a traumatic life event or struggling with a behavior addiction as these individuals are statistically more prone to being exploited and harmed by others. Hence, our customized and highly interactive risk-based educational platforms help those most vulnerable gain a new situational social awareness to increase their personal safety and security in various social situations and personal interactions with others. Participants also learn to recognize early "Red Flags" and how to take proactive safety measures to safeguard themselves against various harms including but not limited to protecting themselves against incidence of physical and psychological abuse, sexual assault, emotional torment and financial exploitation by those who prey on those whom they perceive as most vulnerable.  

We also offer customized behavior addiction recovery support services and educational programs to help those struggling with abstinence and urges gain the needed insight to recognize their addiction as a symptom of a deeper underlying root cause that needs to be addressed and repaired. Using our proven application of the Neo-Psycho-Social Addiction Recovery Model we help those engaged in a high risk behavior addiction (e.g., pathological gambling, sex addition, compulsive eating, hoarding, shoplifting, etc.) recognize the root cause propelling their behavior addiction(s) and how to heal their fractured subconscious mindset.  

In addition to our various harm prevention and social-risk mitigation support services and educational platforms we also offer self-empowerment retreats to various target audience groups. Our all-inclusive weekend retreats are holistic in design that offer peer-to-peer learning, confidential non-judgmental professional insights, support services and educational risk reduction / harm prevention strategies to help participants reclaim their lives back and proceed with a proactive mindset to lead happier and more fulfilled lives.  

Our full scope of professional services is listed on our home page under either the Business Sector and General Public tabs. 

The second part of our company's name "Blox" refers to the arsenal of customized risk-based strategies and harm prevention tools designed to help our clients successfully manage and defend against specific risk exposures and associated harms and losses. We consider our "blox" as building blocks that not only help create a sturdy foundation for our clients to deal and respond to immediate risks and threats but upon which they can continue to build upon in the future to further promote and safeguard their safety and security. 

Examples of Program Areas Underpinned with Our Risk-Based "BLOX":

Graphic text message shows two turquoise hands cupping a bright yellow sun. Above the caption reads "RemedyBlox" on the bottom the caption reads in turquoise green text "Your Personal Risk Mitigation Solutions" (The words Risk and Blox appear in Red text font)

Risk Reduction Relationship Tools for:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families

​​For more details about our Customized Corporate Training Services and our offered

2018 List of Employee Training Programs  - please click on the above respective page links.  



For more details about our accommodation expertise, social commitments and making our events "Greener" for the good of our planet - please visit our Accessibility Expertiseand Bio-Diversity pages.

Graphic and Text Image for RemedyBlox Safety Programs. Backdrop is black. Caption in white font reads "RemedyBlox Safety Programs". Underneath are two silhouette hands cupping an image of a person standing with their hands extended to their side. Underneath caption in small white font reads, " Risk Reduction & Harm Prevention Strategies".



  • Abused Partners
  • Accessibility Rights Advocates
  • Accident Survivors / Support Groups
  • Community Safety Groups
  • Compulsive / Addictive Personalities
  • Contractors / Home Builders
  • Couples in Turmoil
  • Divorcees
  • Disability Agencies
  • Domestic Abuse Shelters
  • ​Domestic Violence Agencies
  • Educational Facilities / Schools
  • Family Support Agencies
  • Individuals / Couples / Families in Crisis
  • New Immigrant Support Groups
  • Seniors' Residences
  • Seniors / Retirees
  • Travel / Tour Group Operators
  • Victims' Support Agencies
  • Widowers


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  • Addiction Recovery Support

  • Diversity Outreach Programs

  • Empowerment Retreats

  • e-Learning Courses

  • In-House Training Programs

  • Interactive Workshop Events

  • Lunch & Learn Sessions

  • One-On-One RIsk-Based Coaching

  • Plenary Sessions

  • School Programs

RemedyBlox' Winning Advantage

  • Abusive Personalities

  • Addiction / Recovery

  • Anger Management

  • Anti-Bullying

  • Anti-Discrimination / Disability Rights

  • Child Safety Programs

  • Dating Safety

  • Domestic Violence

  • Elder Abuse Prevention

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Employment Rights / Workplace Safety

  • Harm Prevention & Risk Mitigation

  • Healthy Relationships
  • ​High Risk Lifestyle Choices
  • Property Security / CPTED
  • Individual Laws & Rights
  • Life Wellness Coaching
  • Marriage / Divorce Coaching
  • Patient Rights

  • Personal Safety / Self-Defense

  • Situational Safety Awareness
  • Stalker Survival
  • Toxic Environments
  • Travel Safety
  • Workplace Accommodation Rights


Graphic text image. Features a classroom with people in black silhouettes looking forward to the presentation board and presenter standing at the front of the classroom. The black board has the words "Accessibility Training" and "Inclusion Accommodation" written in white text font. On the board there is also a white square image with 9 round multi-color international disability symbols showing.
Graphic image features a black silhouettes of men trying to build a wall using large grey puzzle pieces. Left side of image shows 3 men standing on each other's shoulders trying to climb the wall. On the right side are two men placing the puzzle pieces on top of each other while two men in black suits are looking on at the men pointing out what needs to be done.


Round Graphic SWOT Text Image: The round image is divided into four pie sections. Starting from the top right background color is green and caption in white text font reads "Weaknesses"; Bottom right pie is red with "Threats" written in white text font; Bottom left pie is in blue with "Oppoertunities" written in white text font; Top left corner pie is orange with ""Strengths" written in white text tonf.
Graphic image showing risk symbols. Image is in the shape of a cog wheel. Divided into 4 sections starting with top right in green showing wheel in white outline; red image with white umbrella image; next is a person in an organ portion of the wheel, and last section is blue with hands outlined in white shaking in agreement. The centre circle holds the RemedyBlox logo of the multi-colored mosaic pattern.
Graphic Image with Text: Woman's hand is holding up a ball of images with various symbols of nature, animals. On the Left the text reads: "REmedyBlox" "We respect the plant by doing things greener". "We're Committed to REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE"

Our primary focus through our Public Education Platforms is to help empower participating audiences of all ages and diverse demographic backgrounds with risk-based tools and harm reduction insights to increase their personal safety and security in various life situations, social interactions with others and under different case scenarios.

Graphic image with 9 international symbols for disability shown. Starting from left; Seeing eye dog white image in red circle; ear with crossed out line in a green circle; blue circle with eye image crossed through it; next line is the symbol for sign language shown in a blue circle; center circle is red with a white person silhouette holding a cane, next cirlce is green with a silhouette of a person in a wheelchair; bottom row from the left; green circle with white braile signage and braille written on bottom; next circle is blue with letters "CC" for closed captions; last circle is red with TTY phone symbol.


Image symbol - circle is outlined in turquoise with a large letter round turquoise letter "i" in the center.

RemedyBlox'  is a leading Corporate Event service provider of stellar corporate forums, company functions, international exhibit trade shows and executive conference programs with additional professional business services offered to help our clients mitigate against certain risk exposures at their special events.  

Graphic text image. Business men are shown as grey silhouettes seated in two rows next to each other. They are shown in business suites, white dress shirts, and a tie. They are facing forward and a black silhouette of a woman presenter is standing in front of them with her back showing to the viewer. A grey text box is shown on the bottom with the caption in light gray: "RemedyBlox" and underneath "Corporate Training Programs".

"We regard obstacles as merely misplaced stepping stones one can use to build a path to their success."   RemedyBlox 

Let Us Help You Unlock Your Full Potential!


3 Public Education Risk-Based Streams:



What distinguishes us from our competitors is our well organized streamlined approach and our ability to customize each corporate event, conference program, exhibitor trade show, specialized forum and symposium to our client's vision, identified goals, business objectives, timelines and budget. We also offer an array of customized private event planning and management services.  

For more details about the various event planning and professional business management services available upon request please visit our Business Services, Corporate Events, Private FunctionsPromotional Merchandise, Professional Content Writing, and Event Staffing  pages. 

What truly adds to our success and provides a winning competitive edge is our dire commitment to incorporate risk-mitigation best practices and the very best disability and diverse special needs accommodation considerations into each venue program to create an environment of inclusion and unrestricted access for all in attendance regardless of their abilities, race, gender, religious, ethnic or sexual orientation. Our proven accessibility knowledge and expertise yields secondary important benefits for our clients that include them meeting regulatory accessibility compliance under applicable provincial / state regulatory Accessibility Standards, Human Rights Codes and Protection of Privacy and Information legislation as it pertains to processing the self-disclosure of special accommodation requests made by event attendees with special considerations and needs. To view sample list of a few of the accessible past corporate conference forums and events developed and managed by the founder of RemedyBlox' (who started managing business events back in 1995) - please visit our Corporate Events page. 

We also incorporate our commitment to bio-diversity into each of our business operations where we actively search out sustainable and greener options that promote the protection of our planet and environment without sacrificing on the quality of products or services we deliver.

"Your Access to Our Risk-Based Quantum Knowledge Solutions"


At RemedyBlox, our facilitators and workshop leaders hold the added edge from their formal educational backgrounds and years of diverse business expertise to deliver customized staff training programs through fun learning and interactive approaches. Our workshop designs tend to push participants out of their comfort zones as thinking outside of the box helps foster a new perspective on tackling old problems in a more effective and streamlined manner moving forward. The practical approach and easy application style of our customized lesson plans enables staff to implement the lessons learned on day one which is of further value and interest to our clients that desire to hold a leading edge in a highly competitive marketplace. Our range of training programs yield the following additional benefits which our clients look for to maximize their productivity and profits, control against industry specific risks and liabilities and to achieve long term sustainability in a fluid and competitive marketplace:

Our two central client stream services: 

Our highly interactive Public Education Forums, courses and workshop programs offer agency groups and their client members new perspectives, practical tools and novel skill sets to promote their own safety and successfully protect their physical, emotional and financial well being from specific harms and threats including learning to abstain and defeat behavior addictions. We strive to empower participants of all ages (especially those most vulnerable in society) with valuable risk-mitigation options to proactively shield and protect themselves from negative people, harmful situations and mitigate against future risks and losses in various life situations and critical circumstances. We also work with schools where we offer a variety of highly interactive and engaging Child Safety Programs that help empower children of all ages against various risks and threats against their physical and psychological well being.

  • Accessible accommodation plans & logistics

  • Budget, cash flow, and financial management

  • Business functions / Staff retreats

  • Conference development and speaker management

  • Corporate Ambassadorship

  • Corporate logo design and brand management

  • Event accessibility planning & accommodations design

  • Event branding and marketing

  • Event communications and promotion

  • Event contingency planning

  • Event entertainment fulfillment

  • Event production and AV coordination

  • Exhibitor display design & fulfillment

  • Facility and hotel management

  • Logistics & operations management

  • Print production and program management

  • Post-event survey development / administration 

  • Post-event analytics and reporting

  • Post-event summary reporting

  • Private event planning & development

  • Project administration and event management

  • Program design and content writing

  • Promotional product design and fulfillment

  • Registration desk management and staffing support

  • Speaker contracting & fulfillment

  • Sponsorship sales, support and fulfillment

  • Third-party vendor contracting

  • Trade show / exhibitor services

  • Venue selection / Third-Party Planner Option

  • Volunteer / event staff management

  1. We first take the time to get to know our client's business operations to gain understanding of their current core workforce capacities, functions, strengths, existing deficiencies and risks affecting productivity and long term sustainability. 
  2. We translate business ambitions and objectives into effective benefits for all impacted and expected results.
  3. We engage, empower and motivate the managerial force to really become transformation champions for their staff.
  4. We deliver customized staff training programs that are in-line with the company's values and needs where we engage and motivate employees into helping build and maintain the organization, capabilities and resolve required to deliver the organizations identified target results during normal conditions and in the event of a crisis.
  5. ​We ensure our training platform activities inspire a sense of personal growth and business value to each employee as well as equipping them with the means and capacities required to deliver enhanced performance, long-lasting engagement and commitment on the identified organizational priorities through anticipatory consequential forethought.


(Group Capacities 10 to 300+)

RemedyBlox is a boutique full service provider of quantum risk-based strategies and harm prevention solutions that underpin each of our customized professional training programs and host of strategic business service platforms available to both the corporate business sector and members of the general public. We officially launched our niche risk-based training programs and situational risk management service solutions in late 2014, after we took the time to develop and fine tune our programs and services to help individuals and businesses alike overcome current gaps in their risk perception and response capacity in the event of a crisis or an emergency event. By infusing our critical risk-based components into each of our educational service platforms we are able to help corporate clients across North America identify various risks exposures more readily to proactively mitigate against associated threats of liability, loss, injury and harm within their workforce or in their operations. We also expanded our risk mitigation services to help members of the general public become better equipped to safeguard their personal safety and security in various situational circumstances and personal interactions with others through a proactive approach.​


  • improve employee understanding of latest industry trends, regulatory updates and best business practices
  • develop workforce core competencies to help staff promptly identify, recognize, mitigate and respond to specific risks and threats including implement strategic recovery measures that minimize service interruptions
  • create healthy and safe workplace environments
  • achieve regulatory compliance as per applicable provincial / state accessibility standards when it comes to accommodating customers with disabilities​ and staff with permanent workplace restrictions 
  • ​renew staff commitment and loyalty to the organization to improve employee attendance, punctuality and positive attitude
  • enhance employee confidence to drive work performance and deliver consistent customer service excellence
  • heighten staff motivation and creativity in completing tasks and assignments in a more efficient and effective manner 
  • build trust and team synergy across the workforce to foster staff engagement, enhance productivity and boost morale

Our risk-based quantum knowledge expertise is delivered by our seasoned facilitators and subject matter experts through our customized program platforms tailored to meet our target audience needs. Our clients learn how to prevent, prepare, identify and respond to "specific and general" risks.

What differentiates us from our competitors is our ability to provide clients with a deeper understanding to the underlying causes of risks such as psycho-social motivations, influences, situational factors and agents of change. 

Through our customized risk-based educational programs our clients receive insights and tools that afford them with anticipatory risk recognition and proactive consequential risk response analytics. We also help companies and individuals develop their core risk-based competencies to successfully mitigate against specific risks, liabilities and losses with new found confidence and strategic cost effective remedies. ​​Based in Ontario, Canada, we operate locally and are equipped and available to deliver our full range of customized training platforms, professional programs and services in-person, on-line and by phone to clients across Canada, the USA and globally (upon request).

Photo image of Blond businesswoman stepping out of the passenger door. She is wearing a black business suit and a black and white pattern blouse. She has straight shoulder length blond hair that is parted in the middle. She is holding a black briefcase with her right hand and her left hand is resting on the ajar passenger car door. A beige building is featured in the background with large white framed windows.

Personal Empowerment Retreat Programs for individuals

Graphic image shows a gold key inserted into a gold lock that is shaped like a puzzle piece. The key and lock are centered in a wall that features many silver hued puzzle pieces.
Image symbol - circle is outlined in turquoise with a large letter round turquoise letter "i" in the center.

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Corporate Profile

"Our clients hold the key to their success, we just steer them to

the right door needing to be unlocked"

Want to learn more?

For those looking for more than just a "One-Day" Risk Mitigation Course - consider booking your spot at one of our upcoming RemedyBlox Weekend Empowerment Retreats where we offer valuable topic specific risk-mitigation and wellness programs over a period of 3 days/2 nights stay - to groups of maximum 12 participants at a time. Each program retreat is customized to a specific subject area of interest to participants holding similar personal experiences, concerns and looking for assistance to remedy either a situational life-event or help with either improving or ending a connection / relationship with individual(s) that are causing them some form of undue emotional or psychological anguish, physical harm or draining their assets and finances indiscriminately. We also offer weekend retreats designed specifically for individuals who are questioning their past decisions, life-style choices or who have realized they behaved in a manner that has created some form of turmoil in their own life or the lives of others whom they care about and now want to remedy to move positively forward.  

1.)  Business / Corporate Sector

  • Accommodation Platforms
  • Corporate Staff Training
  • Consulting Services
  • Full Range of Professional Business Services
  • ​Business Optimization
  • Business In-sourcing Services
  • Corporate Event Management
  • Conference Program Development​

​​For more details about our Customized Risk-Based Public Education Programs please click on provided links:

RemedyBlox' highly proficient event management style, successful conference development ability and proven professional acumen is founded on the same strategic approaches used over 20 years by the founder and executive staff of RemedyBlox  -  veterans in the event management and conference development industry who successfully developed and managed a host of corporate events, business conferences and functions of all sizes for different industry sectors in Ontario and across Canada for both the Public and Private Sector industries since 1995.  

Each corporate event, conference, specialized forum, symposium and workshop developed to date has repeatedly afforded an array of company executives, business owners, government and elected officials and industry leaders with superior collaborative opportunities, access to latest business trends, marketplace advancements and industry best practices.  In addition, delegates and participants with various special needs requiring special event accommodations have been consistently accommodated according to their disabilities, special dietary restrictions and cultural / religious observances.

Safety & Security Awareness Training for Special Interest Groups

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RemedyBlox  Deliverables

RemedyBlox​​follows a 5-Step Approach to identify the full potential of any workforce given that business leaders continue to regard their employees as the driving force behind successful strategy and transformation execution. Unfortunately, often times management teams encounter difficulty in implementing the necessary people strategy which is why they turn to us for our expertise. We recognize the relevance of the actual connection between people and business in today’s risk-based economy and we implement the following steps to meet the growing need of boosting human performance that drives organizational success.


Risk-Based Training and Situational Risk Management Services

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​​​"Helping You Enhance Your Safety & Security  and Overall Wellness is Our Operative Focus!"

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Graphic image of a burgundy butterfly with a white symbol of a person in the center;. Middle of the image is a green vibrant circle of energy to signify empowerment from within and rebirth.

RemedyBlox recognizes that self-empowerment and personal development is an ongoing fluid process when it comes to enhancing one's personal safety and security. Our highly interactive Public Education Learning Platforms, One-On-One Risk-Based Sessions, and interactive workshops and retreats are based on fundamental principals of Human Behaviorism and psycho-social research findings. Our customized programs provide our participants with new perspectives, novel proactive tools and appropriate responses to deal and avoid particular risk-based situations or negative / toxic / dangerous individuals that pose a risk to their physical, emotional or financial well being in every day life events and in various circumstances.

We consistently strive to empower participants of all ages (especially those most vulnerable in society) by working with agencies and community groups to help their members understand and identify risk from a proactive perspective first as well as how to bring current cycles of existent abuse and sustained victimization to a positive end.