​​​"Helping You Enhance Your Safety & Security  and Overall Wellness is Our Operative Focus!"

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Employers who invest in their employees readily witness their workplace become positively transformed and infused with renewed vibrancy, sincere passion and innovative spirit. Employees also demonstrate greater job satisfaction, loyalty to their employer, and increased interest to further their professional growth within the organization. This then increases the company's sustainability within a competitive marketplace with higher rates of employee retention and recruitment of other exceptional employees wanting to be part of the corporate culture that values and rewards their employees for their commitment and productivity. In the end, the organizational transformation attracts both happy customers and dedicated employees yielding long term sustainability and profitability for the employer! 

Customized Employee Training Services

Workplace Accommodation

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Diversity / Inclusion

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  Inoculate Your Workplace Against the "Elephant & Ostrich Syndrome"

  Best Practices in Accommodating Staff with Disabilities

Our creative training programs comprise of interactive workshops, practical methodologies, case studies and creative presentation designs.

We foster fun learning, help build new knowledge base, enhance soft skills, promote team-building spirit at the workplace and provide practical tools for enhancing operational efficiency.


Risk Management

Staff Morale

Managing Competing Rights under Bill-C-45

Team Building

New Workplace Obligations, Duties & Responsibilities

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Creating a Seamless Accessible Workplace

  • Lunch & Learn Sessions
  • In-House Training Programs
  • Interactive Workshop Events
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Corporate Team Building Retreats
  • Management Learning Platforms
  • Accessibility for Disabilities
  • Diversity Outreach Programs
  • Group Capacities (10 to 300+) 

Healthy Workplaces

Professional Development

What differentiates RemedyBlox from our competitors?

Our team is comprised of subject matter experts who are qualified psycho-social behaviorists with formal education and training experience in a host of disciplines ranging from; human resources, psychology, social sciences, criminology, law, ethics, bioethics, risk mitigation, environmental studies and social advocacy.

RemedyBlox Advantage: The "E.P.I.C" Factor

Course / Workshop Offerings

We operate with the highest ethical integrity and professionalism. Each member of our team is trained on the latest accessibility and diversity standards and also holds a solid understanding of the human condition which underpins the content of each of our services and training programs





 How to Safeguard Against Toxic Work Environments



     The Pathology of Gambling

Reasons for Creating Employee Engagement

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​​At RemedyBlox we hold the necessary "Qualitative Knowledge"  in employee training and risk mitigation to develop robust and well rounded training programs that help strengthen core competencies across the workforce.. We also know how to help organizations and businesses in various industry sectors foster a productive, engaged and rejuvenated workforce. Our team's direct experience working in the Corporate and Public Sector over the years provides us with keen insights and proven skill sets to understand various business operations and functions to deliver customized highly interactive and engaging workshops to meet your business needs and organizational objectives. Our workshops are carefully designed to push participants out of their comfort zones as thinking "outside of the box" provides a new perspective on tackling existing problems as well as mitigating against future internal and external risks. Our lesson plans and tool sets enable participants to use them immediately to enhance their confidence, boost their morale, increase their work performance and vested interest to proactively protect their company from events and situations that pose direct and indirect harms. 

Managing Behavior Addiction Risks within the Workplace

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Research findings consistently show that an engaged workforce which is positively stimulated on a physical, psychological and emotional level, leads employees to form an emotional connection with their organization. colleagues and customers. This type of engagement prompts staff and management to become positively motivated and inclined to "Go the Extra Mile" in their work performance.  Staff also actively engage in opportunities to enhance their core competency in risk management to protect their workplace from harms and losses. As such, engaged and valued employees enhance the organization's internal and external controls against direct and indirect risks.  



Staff Training BLOX

Employee Engagement

Return to Work Integration

Our training programs are custom designed according to what your organization's objectives and needs are to enhance productivity and performance at your workplace. We also incorporate into our training programs the findings from our "SWOT" analysis to build upon your organization's immediate and future internal / external strengths and opportunities as well as mitigate against identified weaknesses and threats. Our training formats are tailored to target your audience, your staff and customer diverse demographic profile, size and time frames.

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Risk-Based Training and Situational Risk Management Services

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